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Gain market insights. More efficient and faster.

We turn our clients into the best-informed companies. We bring together data, artificial intelligence and human expertise.

Software platform.

If you want to make your organisation future-proof, you first need to be familiar with current market trends and up to date with the latest innovations.

Ideally, you will also have a good overview of your competitors. Or perhaps you’re looking for like-minded companies for partnerships?

All this means a lot of data to collect and monitor – and that can be a real challenge. Here at DataScouts, we’ve developed a user-friendly software platform to help you. Use our platform, free up more time for your core business and make strategic decisions based on facts.

What can you do with the DataScouts platform?

The software platform uses artificial intelligence to search, filter and bundle crucial data in a clear dashboard.

Discover technology and innovations

Expand your knowledge
Identify key players in the technology world
Collect information about trends

Explore your market and sector

Pro-actively identify trends
Track stakeholders and connections
Expose market opportunities
Monitoring platform

Build your own ecosystem

Visualise networks and relationships
Access new ideas and knowledge
Collaborate on solving challenges for business and society
Crowdsourcing platform
Market Myopia: Is It Holding Your Business Back?
It's a concept you may not be immediately familiar with, but the implications are profound. Market myopia occurs when companies struggle with a limited understanding of market dynamics, trends and consumer behavior.

Let us analyse your data

So you’ve collected all this data – but you’re short of time or lack the expertise to interpret it? It’s time to call in our enthusiastic DataScouts experts!

Whatever the theme – technology & innovation, monitoring the market and competitors, or building up your ecosystem and collective intelligence – they’ll be delighted to compile pre-packaged information that you can put straight to work. You’re always guaranteed up-to-the-minute data relevant to your business.

Free Demo.

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Engage the community in Building Collective Intelligence
DataScouts recently launched fully configurable Spotting Areas that allow ecosystem builders to easily create subsets of their broad knowledge base and provide tailored access per user group.
Webinar Market Myopia
Join our interactive DataScouts webinar. During this session we will dive into Market Myopia and how fragmented view of the market can be a serious roadblock to success. We will provide you with invaluable insights that will enable you to gain more clarity and foster sustainable growth.