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Circular Fashion Ecosystem at Dutch Design Week

The biggest designer event in northern Europe, Dutch Design Week takes place from Saturday 16 to Sunday 24 October in Eindhoven.

For nine days, each year, more than 2600 designers present their ideas to over 350000 visitors spread across 120 spots in the city. 

One of the key mottos of Dutch Design Week is ‘The future demands responsibility’. Dutch Design Week wants to connect designers more actively to social tasks in the coming years with the clear need to go towards more sustainable and circular fashion industry. This, calls for new sustainable solutions for the fashion sector such as the EASME funded S4Fashion project. 

S4Fashion, Digital Ecosystem Intelligence Platform that enables small & medium-size enterprises to build and tap into collective intelligence. Powered by DataScouts.

Initiated by the COSME Programme of the European Union and supported by several organisations, including DataScouts, S4Fashion is focussed on creating 25 international partnerships to collaboratively produce new evidence-based knowledge on sustainable and circular economy. The aim is to introduce new sustainable and circular economy products, services, methods, tools and business models and share its findings with the whole European fashion community.

DataScouts created the S4Fashion platform allowing players from across Europe to easily connect and to jointly learn, adapt and innovate in the spirit of Advanced Ecosystem Thinking to guarantee long-term success. One of the key features of the platform, is matchmaking, allowing users to find their right partner to collaborate and make their sustainable and circular fashion model come true.

Based on the user-generated content the knowledge base of the S4Fashion platform is growing every day. With stakeholder mapping, organizations can find each other and partner up to apply for the Call for Proposals via the digital ecosystem.  This will hopefully lead them to be selected and earn funding and the bespoke programme including mentoring, networking opportunities and financial support from the S4Fashion creating organisations.

DataScouts was invited during the Dutch Design Week at the Fashion Tech Farm in Eindhoven to pitch this programme to all the attending designers, fashion enthusiasts and textile workers. Fashion Tech Farm is co-founded by Marina Toeters, and it is a creative space where entrepreneurs, students and designers combine technology and fashion. 

Together with other artists, designers and creators, DataScouts spoke about sustainability and presented the S4Fashion project. It was an afternoon of connecting, learning and debating about solutions for the future and marvelling at the creativity of those present.

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