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Find Similar Actors and Create Custom Reports

We are continuously improving the DataScouts platform, adding new functionalities and streamlining the user experience.

We released some fancy new features over the last weeks which we would like to share with you.  

Multiple Reports per Actor Type

DataScouts Platform

Custom reports are a much-appreciated feature of DataScouts to collect use case-specific data and to build reports on custom data fields.

Custom reports are used for both private notes on the Market & Competitive Monitoring as well as user-generated content when building Collective Intelligence. Owners can develop a custom report by creating a form and invite stakeholders to add free text comments, use sliders, multiselection or dropdown menus, upload files and videos. The report funtionality is a great help to create surveys, product sheets, reports, self assessments, competitive battlecards or open calls.

You can create as many reports as needed per actor type (organization, product, person, collaboration) and gather unique insights from your community.

Register to our webinar to have a demo and learn more on how to use this feature.

Next level for the look-alike agent

Look-alike agent

Datascouts look-a-like agent helps in finding similar actors inside and outside an ecosystem. Based on your preferences, we will finetune the results to come up with a qualitative list of similar actors that can be easily added to an ecosystem.

Similar actors are identified based upon the semantic similarity of the company descriptions and characteristics of the companies, e.g. where they are headquartered, their maturity, the industry they target, the technologies they apply e.a.

Upon the selection of matching criteria, hit the “red arrow” and the agent will start the search for you and provide you with the best matching results.

Scouting platform as an innovation facilitator

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The DataScouts Scouting platform is much appreciated by Innovation managers as it provides access to 35k news outlets, startup & company directories, patent and project databases. It is the easiest and most intuitive way to find relevant companies and gather relevant articles that facilitate the scouting process.

By creating a concept search, Datascouts creates automatically a long list of companies. You can create your own short list based on multiple criteria such as category, technology, industry, activity , geographical scope or maturity level.

Moreover, DataScouts provides a list of relevant articles. You can finetune the selection of articles by adding a geographical scope and a focus on business / technology / science.

Once your shortlist is finalized, you can export it for further analysis.

Open Call Dashboard

Dashboard of an online platform

Open call projects can come to life on DataScouts crowdsourcing platforms! This functionality allows ecosystem members to apply to an open call.

keeps the Ecosystem Members informed about the remaining time to apply and guides the users to complete the open call submission form. It is very easy to add text information, to upload documents, to provide a link to a video.

Ecosystem Members can edit and save the information as often as they want, up to the moment they hit the submit button. An email confirms the successful submission and all information is carefully saved and made available for review by jury members.

Owners have a myriad of tools to create an appealing open call submission form. Whenever a new application is submitted, owners will receive a notification. The open call dashboard provides at every moment in time a clear overview of the lead applicants and their partners. Open Call Management is a very specific workflow, that is intuitive, builds trust and engagement.

Upcoming Knowledge Sharing Sessions

We organize Knowledge Sharing Sessions on a regular basis.  On October 20 (01:00 PM CET), we organise a Product webinar to refresh your memory and present you the most efficient way to use DataScouts. In this session, Leslie will share some tips and tricks to build a semi-automated workflow to find leads.