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Softlanding Flanders

Soft Landing in Flanders

DataScouts as a platform for facilitating the soft landing of startups and scale-ups and orchestrating their international expansion from East Flanders.

A soft landing in Flanders

The purpose of the EFRO-project ‘Soft Landing Flanders’, is to make the East-Flanders region even more attractive as an HQ base for young international businesses. The Province of East-FlandersThe City of Ghent and UGent TechTransfer have joined forces to develop new tools to attract international start-ups and scale-ups and offer them optimal support.

Besides a soft landing for international start-ups and scale-ups, the project aspires to have a warm welcoming policy for international talents. As a starting point for future initiatives, the partners investigated the profiles of international talents in the area, their needs, and constraints to successfully find and attract relevant businesses.

Digital Platform to enable a soft landing

In order to help international talents to get accurate information about East-Flanders, they have launched their digital platform, developed by DataScouts. DataScouts platform visualises the East-Flanders ecosystem and allows international organizations to explore and compare the business ecosystem in East-Flanders.

The Province of East-Flanders, the City of Ghent and UGent TechTransfer are collaborating together to map the front runners in PhotonicsPharma & Medtech and the Agrotech & Food domain. International start-ups and scale-ups from these sectors can easily get informed and find the added value of operating from East-Flanders for their business, and get a smooth soft landing experience.

The project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund, one of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF). These funds strengthen economic, social, and territorial cohesion within the European Union and reduce existing imbalances between regions.

Céline Van Den Abeele, Policy Officer for Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen,  states "It is an enormous time-consuming job to build and maintain an accurate map of the ecosystem. Therefore it is of utmost importance to automate the process as much as possible. That is why we engaged with DataScouts for building our soft-landing platform.

During the preparation meetings, the DataScouts team helped us defining a valid taxonomy to reflect the richness of the startup and innovation ecosystem in East-Flanders. The platform has been built in co-creation with the partners and important stakeholders. The iterative process allowed us to capture all necessary input from partners, provide extended feedback and perform user-testing throughout the whole project."

Digital platform for soft landing

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International start-ups and scale-ups can stay posted about upcoming events and collaboration opportunities. Additionally, they can share vacancies, product releases and new projects with local partners with the soft landing community. 

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International start-ups and scale-ups can easily reach out to the network of partners within the Soft Landing Flanders community and ask experts, entrepreneurs, investors and researchers for help in tackling the challenges they face as a fast-growing company. 

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Interactive Map

International start-ups and scale-ups can navigate through the map on the platform and have an overview of the Academies, Companies, Incubators, Accelerators, Public Agencies and Research Institutes in East-Flanders.

Build your own ecosystem!

When you see these benefits, you want to better understand the ecosystem you are part of. That’s where we can help you. DataScouts provides a platform in which you can create a business ecosystem map, monitor your value network, and be aware of what happens in your ecosystem, the trends in your sector, and the achievements of peers. The DataScouts platform combines public data, own private data, and extra content that is relevant to the specific use case. Without any problem, you can visualize tons of information in no time. Contact us and create your own ecosystem today!

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