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DataScouts Platform Training

Join us for an interactive training session designed to help you get the most out of the DataScouts tool.  This training will guide you step for step through the recurring tasks of an Ecosystem Analyst: 

  • Create a digital 'map' of the stakeholders in your ecosystem, e.g. technology players, research institutes, trade associations, public agencies, investors and funds, e.a., 
  • Build a 360° actor profile, combining data from a multitude of data sources, incl. company registries, funding data bases, patent and grant databases, automatically classified & categorized where necessary adapted to the taxonomy of your specific industry 
  • Use the various analytical features to visualize, analyze and monitor the evolution of the actors in your ecosystem. 
  • Define spotting area’s and set up trend monitors to capture, analyse & share use case specific insights, levering direct access to over 70,000 news sources worldwide 
  • Establish an efficient user journey to invite stakeholders to contribute to building ecosystem intelligence, incl. the many ways to customize the platform to fit the needs of your stakeholders 
  • Develop a vibrant community of stakeholders, sharing events, announcing business opportunities and sharing challenges to find matching partners.  

By attending this webinar, you'll not only grasp the rich functionalities of the DataScouts platform and get a quick update of latest product improvements, but you'll also have a space to ask your specific questions & get tailored answers.   

Join us at 12:30 PM CET. 

Secure your spot by registering below. We are looking forward to meeting you soon!