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Training session Ecosystem Monitoring

Our Ecosystem Monitoring interactive training session takes your capabilities to the next level, by guiding you in how to use the trend monitors, knowledge base and spotting areas. Helping you to keep up with the key changes in your market!

21 juni

Our training session will show you how setting up a Trend Monitoring allows you to generate a curated content stream based on use-case specific searches. You will learn how to configures DataScouts to continuously monitor more than 70.000 sources worldwide for relevant news articles and publications, patents and events on a specific topic, for a specific area in a specific context.

The structured data will provide you with continuous insights to help you identify new potential and exploit it in your business. You can also use the information to strengthen your relationships with customers and partners, ultimately contributing to further establishing your market position and creating a stable foundation for sustainable growth.

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Don't worry, soon we will have another itteration for this interactive training session coming up.

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