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Frequently Asked Questions

DataScouts Weekly Digest

Managing data can be confusing and even overwhelming, surely when it's lot's of data. We at DataScouts know best, that's why we do what we do. But on top of this, we ensure that you recieve something extra to stay a frontrunner, the Weekly Digest. 

What is the Weekly Digest? 

The Weekly Digest is a weekly mail containing information on the activities in your ecosystem in the last seven days. It's a way of keeping you up to date with the latest announcements, newcommers in your ecosystem and newsfacts that may concern you. You can see it as a summary of the most mportant events of the last seven days, right in your mailbox. 


How to personalize the Weekly Digest

As we clarified in this FAQ regarding managing notifications, the DataScouts platform allows you to regulate your own notificationstream. This can be done by accessing My personal settings after clicking the account immage and than choosing NOTIFICATION SETTINGS. 

If you scroll all the way down, you will see the subtitle Daily / Weekly Digest. Under this title you will have the possibility to change how frequently you recieve the digest by mail. 

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