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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create and analyse portfolios?

Portfolios are an extra way to analyse and benchmark a specific set of companies. 

Portfolios provide new and better insights into your ecosystem.  This features allows users to compare different portfolio’s via the benchmarking function or analyze them with the DataScouts dashboards. 

There are  tree  types of portfolios: 

  1. Virtual portfolios: automatically generated portfolios 
  2. Private portfolios: only visible for you (and ecosystem owners) 
  3. Shared portfolios: shared with all other team members 

Create portfolio's 

If you want to create a specific portfolio of companies, set the filters as required. With your cursor, touch the green plus in the lower right, then click on the green marker that appears above it.

Click on Create portfolio and fill in the information.

You can select and scroll through your portfolios by clicking the PORTFOLIO button at the top left side of the page. You now have an overview of all possible portfolios. 

You can aswell access the portfolios by sliding the cursor to the left side of the screen, where a new collum will apear. Click on PORTFOLIOS.


Analyze portfolios on the dashboards

You can analyze the portfolios on the dashboards but also compare portfolios to each other by using the benchmarking tool at the top right of the portfolio page. 

Select the portfolios you want to compare by ticking the box next to it and press benchmark for the results. 

Here you have the navigation at the left side, here you can select what data you want to compare.