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Frequently Asked Questions

Managing notifications

Nowadays it's more than common to be flooded with notifications, whether it's work, social media, the news or family. That is why this FAQ will guide you towards a more precise and less exessive information stream, without missing the news you need to see. We will help you get the right amount of notifications to optimize your use of the DataScouts platform. 


Where can I find my notifications? 

If you click the bell icon in the topright corner of your screen, next ot the search bar, a new tab will appear. You now see a list of the most recent notifications with limited information. You will get more details if you click the notification. 

If you are looking for more detailed or older notifications, you can click the black bar at the downside of the collum saying SHOW ALL NOTIFICATIONS. You will now get a full page view of the most recent notifications with more information.


How do I personalize my notifications? 

If you're interested in getting more or less notifications on certain events, you can edit them in the notification settings. If you are in your notification centre, you can access the settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner, under the bell icon. 

If not, you can click the account image on the right side of the black bar at the top of your screen, choose My personal settings and go to Notification settings. 

You now see a new screen with all notifications you can turn on/off as you wish. The different subtitles indicate the type of event  for which you can recieve a notification and if you want them in the app or by mail. If you choose by mail, you can still decide on how frequent you recieve them.