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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my data change?

You may have noticed that the data in your actor profile has changed. This may be the result of us, the DataScouts team, working on the platform. We are constantly  trying to improve and verifying the data in the ecosystem. This will lead to better results for you, to stay a frontrunner. 

We are a company that stays active and stays evolving. We aim for constant change for the better. 

What could have changed? 

It may have occured to you that your profile was further completed, this would be done by someone on our team. Another possibility is a change in the outlook of the platform, which is as well us trying to constantly improve what you are working with. 


If you have any feedback for us or if the changes that happened are not as you'd like, do not hesitate to contact our team via  

It is also possible to send us direct feedback while on the platform. You can click the questionmark in the top right corner of the screen, inbetween the bell icon and the account image. Now click Provide feedback and choose which way you seem more fit to help us improve our product. 

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