Launch Minerva 1.0

Over the last 36 months, we listened to the pains of Business Analysts, Innovation Managers, Market Researchers, Strategic Marketeers. and gained a lot of valuable insights on their needs and wishes to automate where possible the market research process, from data gathering over information clustering up to discussing key findings and publishing or sharing actionable conclusions. 

We have started developing this amazing new application as of Summer 2022. We were able to leverage quite some building blocks of the original DataScouts application, but at the same time we have invested a lot of effort in making Minerva user friendly, multi-lingual and collaborative. 

We started calling our Integrated Strategy Machine “Minerva”, after the Roman goddess of wisdom, strategic warfare, arts, trade, and commerce. Minerva is an AI-enabled Market Intelligence platform, a virtual assistant that embodies qualities such as intelligence, strategic thinking, creativity and resourcefulness. Minerva helps businesses gain valuable insights and make informed decisions. 

We are proud to announce the launch of Minerva and we are looking forward to capturing user feedback from real-world research projects. As Minerva is a professional business application, training is required to get the most out of it. Together with our early adopters, we will develop a 2-day training course covering the methodology, research templates and tooling.

What is Minerva?

Minerva offers analysts a fast and efficient access to market information and insights. 
Minerva is build upon a unique methodology providing a series of research templates and data points. Minerva centralizes all market research in one platform, making it easy for market research teams to collaborate, request new research, or conduct their own research using the Spotting Area Analysis Workflow. This solution is especially convenient for enterprises looking to manage their market research activities in a streamlined manner.

What is a spotting area?

Minerva's Spotting Area Analysis Workflow allows analysts to establish continuous monitoring using spotting areas, a powerful tool for defining the scope of market research. By mapping relevant actors and their relationships, verifying assumptions, and gaining an overview of macro-environmental changes, analysts can stay up-to-date with market signals and draw insightful conclusions about its direction. Spotting areas are customizable, making them flexible and highly effective for conducting market research.

What is a snapshot?

Minerva's advanced market intelligence workflow includes a unique feature known as Snapshots. These snapshots are the end result of the Spotting Area Analysis Workflow and enable analysts to create a freeze-frame of the current state of their continuous monitoring. This powerful tool helps analysts display the evolution of the market over time and showcase their conclusions.

Minerva Training schedule

Want to become a Minerva Analyst? Register here!

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