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Collective intelligence Crowdsourcing platform

Build your own ecosystem.

The future is in ecosystems: networks of companies pooling their forces to shape or reinvent their sectors. As a start-up, network or member organisation, you can use DataScouts to actively involve your stakeholders in making a shared vision into reality.

Our crowdsourcing platform is a very easy way for you to keep your community up to date with the latest news and make matches between organisations. The tool is ideally suited for building up collective intelligence. Work together to tackle technological, social and/or climate challenges. The DataScouts platform facilitates collaboration and knowledge-sharing beyond the company or organisational boundaries.

The better you can assess the dynamics of your ecosystem, the more impact you can make. The first stage is to get to know all the stakeholders and understand their needs and goals. Whatever the challenges or geographical region you’re focusing on, DataScouts can help you to keep all your intelligence up to date.

Three steps to a living community

Map out your stakeholders

Invite your members to register and fill in their company profile so that they can familiarise themselves with other members’ expertise and projects.

Develop and share knowledge

Encourage your members to use the message board to share information about events, vacancies and projects. Users can find information about recent developments via the platform and automatically receive emails.

Develop collective intelligence

Ask your users for advice and create a digital environment where your members collaborate to learn and innovate. That’s how you develop and share collective intelligence.

Let's start a conversation.

We'd love to hear about your challenges and ambitions to stay ahead of your business.

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