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DataScouts Market Scan

Gain market insights. More efficient. Faster.

Colleague missing? Upcoming board meeting?

No worries! We'll deliver a market or competitive report for you in max 2 weeks.

Our analysts work very closely with you and your team to understand your information needs, carry out the necessary analyses, and translate the results into data-driven insights.

You will get facts and current information that you can use to ensure your strategic decisions are based on actual data.

How does it work?

Step 1: The Intake

We listen to your challenge through a video call.

For example: What are the market assumptions? What stakeholders are active in your market of interest? What external factors influence this market? Etc.

Goals of this phase:

  • Align scope and mutual expectations incl. customer needs, geographical scope, relevant market information;
  • Define key stakeholders and relevant terminology;
  • Agree on communication approach & project timing.

Step 2: The Feedback:

Does our approach match your expectations?

This is a debrief moment to present you the research framework based on our initial findings, incl. the data and sources we will use. This is the moment where your feedback is crucial to steer the final deliverable.

Step 3: The Report

You get accurate market insights in just 2 weeks!

We will deliver your report in max 2 weeks after the intake and your signature.
This includes a 2-hour virtual meeting to present our findings and recommendations.

A market or competitive research and report that usually would take months for a whole team is now available in just two weeks for the incredible pricing of 6.500 EUR (VAT excl.).

Remarkably, in just two weeks, the DataScouts Market Scan gathered more information than us, who have been working on it for months. Jonas Cautaerts , Head of Business Development - DATS24
Get your market scan!

Need a last-minute Market Scan? Please fill in this form -with no obligation- and we will contact you within 1 working day.

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